Birthright Charter PDF

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Brighter Charter PDF

Birthright Charter

Book Description:

For five generations, the people of Laendor have enjoyed a tranquil existence: land to farm, kings they love, even a slightly-uneasy truce with their neighboring kingdom, Southdale. But peace is short-lived for those who would not keep it. Slowly the elegant but deadly Val’gren have become more active in the north, enslaving minor races and hunting in the Dark for innocents to steal away. The roads have become treacherous.
So knows Ryn, a wanderer of no connection and questionable birth who has patrolled the travel routes for ten years with her companion, the wild lynx Kota. Known only as Leyna, the Guardian, by the would-be victims she rescues from bandits and other sundry dangers, Ryn keeps to herself and to the roads, content in her work and her friendship with Kota.
Still the Dark spreads.
Brandt Signyson feels it too, in the weight of responsibility he inherits after tragedy strikes his family. He and his younger brother Evin, a talented archer and Brandt’s whole world, strike out on a quest to recover a priceless family heirloom. A chance encounter leads the brothers to Ryn and Kota, who agree to be their guides across the wilderness. Now the four must brave punishing terrain, dangerous enemies, and secrets that refuse to remain hidden as they work their way across northern Laendor.
But the Dark is spreading, and the Age of Heroes is long past.

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Book Review:

Loved the characters and the story line. Enjoyed how the characters met up and the back history that brought them together. It made them family without them even realizing what was happening. This happens when strangers work together to solve issues. Can’t wait to read the next story line. This is an alternatingly fun and feels-inducing well-paced read. An enjoyable fantasy tale that never feels stalled or dense. The characters (even the supporting cast) are beautifully crafted individuals, and the prose is lyrical and gorgeous.”Amazon Reader

Birthright Charter PDF

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About the Author:

 Simon Hawke (born September 30, 1951 is an American author of mainly science fiction and fantasy novels. He was born Nicholas Valentin Yermakov, but began writing as Simon Hawke in 1984 and later changed his legal name to Hawke. He has also written near future adventure novels under the pen name J. D. Masters and a series of humorous mystery novels. He was the Colorado Writer of the Year, 1992. As Nicholas Yermakov, his early books were published in 1981-1984 including two Battlestar Galactica novelizations. Since re-launching his career as Simon Hawke in 1984, he has produced a large volume of lighter fiction. Almost all of his books published after 1984 have been either part of a series and/or tie-in novels and novelizations.

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