Burne Hogarth – Dynamic Figure Drawing PDF

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Burne Hogarth – Dynamic Figure Drawing

Book Description:

Praised by critics and teachers alike for more than 40 years, Burne Hogarth’s Dynamic Anatomy is recognized worldwide as the classic, indispensable text on artistic anatomy. Now revised, expanded, and completely redesigned with 75 never-before-published drawings from the Hogarth archives and 24 pages of new material, this award-winning reference explores the expressive structure of the human form from the artist’s point of view.

The 400 remarkable illustrations explain the anatomical details of male and female figures in motion and at rest, always stressing the human form in space. Meticulous diagrams and fascinating action studies examine the rhythmic relationship of muscles and their effect upon surface forms. The captivating text is further enhanced by the magnificent figure drawings of such masters as Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Rodin, Picasso, and other great artists.

Dynamic Anatomy presents a comprehensive, detailed study of the human figure as artistic anatomy. This time-honored book goes far beyond the factual elements of anatomy, providing generations of new artists with the tools they need to make the human figure come alive on paper.

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Book Review:

This book and the series by Hogarth in general, are a class apart in teaching the figure.

In no other book I have seen the body masses so clearly and simply presented that with just one look you ‘understand’ the form and add it to your repertoire. Just like that.

One striking difference we notice is the three dimensional presentation of the drawings using probably charcoal or a very soft pencil, how else will we understand that form if its not rendered in three dimensions?! Yet so many books exist, even the ones from great such as Loomis, where you would see a more finished figure, where the contours take over, making the student wonder ‘why is a line in front of the other?’ etc. Hogarth aims as dispensing such doubts and to get rid of the guesswork from the minds of the artist.

He talks about ‘inventing’ the figure, and about a notation of representig the figure in deep space, meaning three dimesnions.
As the masters such as Vilppu would say, drawing is all about learning how to represent the form in two dimensional paper, and about knowing the form one wants to draw. We do get both in this book by Hogarth. more actually on the forms of the figure. more than half the book presents the figure, the varous parts, the torso, the limbs and the head in great detail using simple three dimensional forms. and the remainder of the book deals with how one would approach or rather go about drawing the figure.

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An interesting approach here is to begin with the torso, and not with the head. torso, legs, arms and then comes the head, and surprise surprise, this is such an effective way of setting up the figure in the desired gesture. Vilppu would talk about a Ball and a box in a sock to study the torso. Bridgman would also talk in detail about these two forms, Hogarth lays down explicitly the order, and importance. This approach must be tried before understanding its effectiveness.

This is overall a great book for the figurative art student. I found it most effective, because every single picture in this book teaches me something that I can apply directly. The rendering of the forms make it so easy to understand them and cast to memory not only the form but its relations to the other forms in context as well as what happens when they twist and turn and go about doing whatever a figure would do.

This book stays right at the top along with Kimon Nicholaides and Glenn Vilppu and Bridgman.”Amazon Reader

Burne Hogarth – Dynamic Figure Drawing PDF

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About the Author:

BURNE HOGARTH (1911–1996), hailed as the “Michaelangelo of the comic strip,” was one of the most iconic cartoonists and influential arts educators of the twentieth century and remains so today. After attending the Chicago Art Institute and Academy of Fine Arts at the age of fifteen, Hogarth began an illustrious career in arts education, fine arts, illustration, advertising, and comics, and became recognized as one of the earliest creators of the graphic novel. Best known for his innovative illustrations of the syndicated Sunday Tarzan, Hogarth broke fresh ground in the newspaper comic strip by combining classicism, expressionism, and narrative in
a powerful, new way.

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As cofounder of the School of Visual Arts—one of the world’s leading art schools—he brought his unique approach to art into the classroom. His passionate lectures on anatomy and art history formed the foundation for The Burne Hogarth® Dynamic Drawing Series that continues to teach and influence artists and animators worldwide.

Hogarth’s art has been exhibited in many important galleries around the world including the Louvre in the Museé des Arts Décoratifs and Marseilles’ Bibliothèque. He traveled the world throughout his life receiving numerous international awards and accolades.

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