Epoxy Adhesive Formulations PDF

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Epoxy Adhesive Formulations PDF

Epoxy Adhesive Formulations

Book Description:

Unmodified, epoxy resins cause certain problems for both the adhesive formulator and end-user. They are often rigid and brittle; hence, impact resistance and peel strength are poor. For decades, Chemist have been vigorously working to minimize these major shortcomings. Based on a popular course sponsored by the Society of Plastics Engineers and written by an authority in the field, this comprehensive text presents a variety of methods to accomplish what up to now has been a formidable task. Beginning with epoxy chemistry, moving on to fillers, filler treatments, and surfactants, and ending with current and future development in formulating Epoxy Adhesives, this rigorous text addressed the problem of improving flexibility, durability and strength by adding chemical groups to the epoxy structure either via the base resin or the curing agent or by adding separate flexibilizing resins to the formulation to create an epoxy-hybrid adhesive.

Book Review:

This book is really really good, and I only found one issue that should have been covered but wasn’t. I would have liked to see up to a chapter on strategies and methods for adjusting mix ratios. There are several different methods that can be used (filler, moving different components, adducts, etc), but none of those strategies were mentioned. This is really a glaring omission in what is otherwise a very complete book. That said, it is probably a good 4.5 stars: better than 4, but less than 5. This is a very well written reference book. If you have a little background that would be enough to get you through this material. I bought the book to help me troubleshoot an epoxy issue I have at work and I found all the information that I needed (between this book and another written by the same author “Handbook of Adhesives and Sealants”. Both compliment each other very well.Amazon Reader

Epoxy Adhesive Formulations PDF

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About the Author:

 Edward Petrie has been active in the adhesives industry for over 35 years — both in the formulation side and the end-use sides of the industry. He has a BS (Chemical Engineering) and MS (Polymer Science) degrees from Carnegie Mellon University and an MBA from Duquesne University. Throughout his 35 years in the industry.

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