Hypnosis for Beginners PDF

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Hypnosis for Beginners PDF

Hypnosis for Beginners

Book Description:

 Dimensions: 22x14x1.2 cm. Clear, down-to-earth explanations of what hypnosis is and how it works How the process of hynosis works from script writing and reawakening To undo trauma and “recover” forgotten feelings How hypnosis can change addictions and hard-tochange habits How hypnosis can help in stting up new goals; manage pain; improve relationship.

Book Review:

This is a very basic book about hypnosis, but it teaches the basics of hypnosis extremely well.

The most valuable part I got from this is that with hypnosis, like everything else, then people will respond differently. Some people can be hypnotized very quickly, and can visualize things quickly, but most people will take some time.

This book starts out saying, “Entertainment hypnotists love to make hypnosis look dark and mysterious and complicated and pretend they have special powers. I love to make things bright and clear and open, and I do not claim any special powers.” This book totally fulfills on that promise, and it will make hypnosis accessible to everyone who reads it. It explains a lot about the human brain, and how the subconscious works, and explains a ton about psychology. For instance, the author asks, “Which shoe did you put on first this morning?” as a way of explaining the various subsystems of the brain, and how they don’t all necessarily talk to each other.

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As a side note, the author Dylan Morgan passed away this year. I wish I would have found this book a year earlier, so I could have written him a thank you for his very valuable contribution to the field.

+Very awesome introduction to hypnosis
+If you can only hypnotize 10% of everyone, then this book will teach you how to hypnotize the remaining 90% of everyone
+You can try most of the exercises on your friends, either without hypnosis, or during a hypnosis session
+A short book, packed full of great information
+The author is awesome, and very accessible! I’ll definitely read more of his works.
+The book explains how hypnosis works in everyday life, not just in a hypnotic trance

-The ‘illustrations’ are mainly just clip art
-Even though this is a good thing, this book doesn’t teach you how to do very many cool hypnosis tricks, only one actually, because it’s mostly a foundational book to teach you the basics of hypnosisAmazon Reader

Hypnosis for Beginners PDF

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About the Author:

 John Dylan Morgan (3 May 1946 – 5 March 2011) was a mathematician, physicist, hypnotherapist, and author. He developed a theoretical approach to hypnotherapy which he published in his book Principles of Hypnotherapy. He also made contributions in theoretical and applied physics.

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