Solid Edge Sheet Metal Design Student Guide PDF

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Solid Edge Sheet Metal Design Student Guide PDF

Solid Edge Sheet Metal Design Student Guide

Book Description:

Solid Edge ST5 for Designers is a comprehensive textbook that introduces the users to direct modeling with precise control of dimension-driven design through precision sketching and selection handles using the Solid Edge ST5 software. The textbook covers all major environments of Solid Edge ST5 in both the Synchronous and Ordered modeling with a thorough explanation of all tools, options, and their applications to create real-world products.

About 50 mechanical engineering industry examples are used as tutorials and an additional 45 as exercises to ensure that the users can relate their knowledge and understand the design techniques used in the industry. After reading the textbook, the users will be able to create parts, assemblies, drawing views with bill of materials, and learn the editing techniques that are essential to make a successful design. Also, in this textbook, the author emphasizes on the solid modeling and editing techniques that will improve the productivity and efficiency of the users.

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Salient Features of the Textbook
Consists of 15 pedagogical sequenced chapters covering the Sketching, Modeling, Surfacing, Sheet metal, Assembly, and Drafting environments of Solid Edge ST5.

The first page of every chapter summarizes the topics that will be covered in it.

Real-world projects and examples focusing on industry experience.

Step-by-step examples are included to guide the users through the learning process.

Additional information is provided throughout the textbook in the form of tips and notes.

Self-Evaluation test and review questions are provided at the end of each chapter so that the users can assess their knowledge.

Student projects are provided at the end of the chapters so that the users can enhance their skills.

Free Teaching and Learning Resources
CADCIM Technologies provides the following Free Teaching and Learning Resources with this textbook:
Technical support

Part files of the models used in illustrations, tutorials, and exercises

Customizable PowerPoint presentations for every chapter in this textbook

Instructor guide that provides solutions to review questions and exercises

Book Review:

In fairness, this book deals with a very complex and not very user-friendly product. It does a pretty good job, but some basic concepts could be presented more completely or better. Being a total newbie to solid modeling software, I needed all the help I could get. In some areas, I had to hunt for the where and how to with the feeling that I must have missed something along the way. Part of the problem could be because my version of the software is ST6, whereas this book is written for ST5 (I couldn’t find a book about ST6). Nevertheless, I would have been totally lost without this book.Amazon Reader

Solid Edge Sheet Metal Design Student Guide PDF

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About the Author:

CADCIM Technologies, Prof. Sham Tickoo of Purdue University Calumet, and the team of dedicated contributing authors are committed to bring you the best textbooks and free teaching and learning resources on Computer Aided Design, Manufacturing and Engineering (CAD/CAM/CAE), Computer Programming and Applications, GIS, Civil, Animation, and related technologies. We strive to be the first and the best. That is our promise and our goal.

Our team of authors consists of highly qualified and experienced Professionals who have a strong academic and industrial background. They understand the needs of the students, the faculty, and the challenges the students face when they start working in industry. All our textbooks have been structured in a way that facilitates teaching and learning, and also exposes students to real-world applications. The textbooks, apart from providing comprehensive study material, are well appreciated for the simplicity of content, clarity of style, and the in-depth coverage of the subject.

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