The Picture of Dorian Gray PDF

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The Picture of Dorian Gray PDF

The Picture of Dorian Gray

Book Description:

The Picture of Dorian Gray (Collins Classics) is gothic fiction written by Oscar Wilde. The story begins on sunny day when Lord Wotton, a man of strong views observes an artist, Basil Hallward, painting the picture of a good looking young man named Dorian Gray. Lord Wotton tells Dorian that beauty is the only and ultimate virtue and as time passes by, he hopes that Dorian’s portrait ages instead of him. Dorian worries that he will not remain as beautiful as he is forever. He decides to barter his soul in return for eternal youth and beauty and wants his portrait to age instead of him.

After this, Dorian lives a life of debauchery. The aging of his portrait shows the effect of each sin that he commits on his soul. The first time he realizes that he would not age is when he breaks the heart of a loving girl, Sibyl. On returning home, he sees a slight change in the portrait and understands that his wish has been fulfilled. for the next eighteen years, he goes on a journey filled with lust, until he understands the futility of it and begins to despise himself. The Picture of Dorian Gray (Collins Classics) was published by Harper Press in 2010 and is available in paperback.

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Key Features:

  • Before its first publication, the editors in 1890 felt The Picture of Dorian Gray was indecent and five hundred words were removed from it without Wilde’s knowledge.
  • The book has been adapted into an audio drama entitled Confessions of Dorian Gray and was adapted into many films.

Book Review:

From the moment the unfortunate Eve bit into the forbidden apple, to these current days, when we lesser-mortals are lured by the overpriced electronic ‘Apples’, Temptation has been shadowing us humans. A baneful prelude to our vices, very few amongst us can claim to have overcome temptation. While we are protected by various constraints that help us overcome our temptations – social stigma, fear of gods, fear of law and so on – once in a while even the most saintly amongst us ‘blinks’ and lets temptation cause mayhem.

The corrupt lot never lets any constraints stop them, while the Holiest few never let temptations taint them. It is the ordinary beings in the middle that suffer the most at the hands of Temptation. Pulled by the pleasures on one side, barred from it by principles and penal codes on the other, this middle lot bears the onslaught of temptation grudgingly. How often have we craved to indulge in the vices to which we are lead – sometimes by becoming invisible, some other times by transforming ourselves into someone or something else! We have all wanted to relish the baser pleasures of life, without letting their effects stain our souls. This book then is the expression of such a desire on the part of Oscar Wilde.

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Yes. This is a book on temptation, manipulation and eventual corruption. Except that here the protagonist – or, is it the antagonist?! – is never tainted by his sins. The corruption of his soul is borne by his portrait instead of its carnal sheath.Amazon Reader

The Picture of Dorian Gray PDF

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About the Author:

Oscar Wilde was an Irish writer and poet born in 1854. He was known for his one-liners and dark sense of humor. He first studied at the famous Trinity College in Dublin and then at Oxford. His parents were influential Dublin intellectuals. He toured USA and Canada and lectured about the renaissance of British Art. In 1890, he wrote his only novel the Picture of Dorian Gray. In 1891, he wrote the famous tragic French play Salome which was denied permission to be staged in Britain. In 1895, he wrote the Importance of Being Earnest which is considered to be a masterpiece. He died in 1900.

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