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Tomb of Horrors PDF

Tomb of Horrors PDF Book Online

Short Description About Book: The plot of Tomb of Horrors 5e PDF revolves around demilich Acereraks tomb. It, therefore, contains some adventures that you will have to encounter as you try to enter the tomb of demilich Acererak, who was a dead wizard. Your player characters will have to fight their way through several traps and monsters. Your main aim will be to destroy the tomb of horrors. This book will make playing D&D very interesting as your player characters will have to survive the vicious tomb traps in every corner.

  • Series: Advanced Dungeons & Dragons
  • Paperback: 32 pages
  • Publisher: Tsr, Inc (1978)
  • ISBN-10: 0935696121
  • ISBN-13: 978-0935696127

Customer Reviews

Of all the classic AD&D modules, this is probably the deadliest. Its where high-level characters go not just to die but to be totally annihilated! My information says that the late Mr. Gygax created this module specifically to be unbeatable thanks to a player who claimed that there was no adventure his character couldn’t survive. The adventure was so well-recieved that it was written up and published for the 3rd Edition rules. It quickly became a classic, something for players to aspire to achieving. And even in modern role-playing circles its a badge of honor to say your characters survived the Tomb of Horrors, especially if they actually found the final room.

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The hook is that a necromancer named Acererak has built a maze-like tomb under a hill which he then filled with traps, monsters and treasure, daring anyone foolish enough to try and take things on. Inside are devilish traps, riddles and enough undead and demonic monsters to fill a small bestiary. The legendary treasure has a guardian which is so diabolical that almost no-one can escape. Be warned, though, that this is not an adventure for everyone. Those who blunder ahead, slashing first and asking questions later, will probably die even before entering the labyrinth itself! Yes, it’s that nasty.

I have run this adventure six times without any changes and none of the parties ever got past the first few rooms. Yet my players always had fun because we all knew that this was a meat-grinder and, in this case, results of the adventure were never binding – the characters were simply restored as if they had never attempted the thing.

I am not a fan of what has happened to AD&D since WOTC has got their greasy fingers on it. It has become much to precise and mechanical and there is little room for real imagination. I took a few minutes to look over the 4th Edition rewrite of Tomb of Horrors and though it has a few improvements for playability and the maps are much nicer, it now fills a book similar in size to the original Players Handbook. It’s no wonder the 3rd edition rules are coming back (or so I heard).Matt Harnick

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